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Spring is coming Homestyle Mag + drawing

Snapshots from the past few weeks on Instagram – including me putting up my latest exhibition ‘OUTLINES’. Im always so nervous setting up an exhibition – making it look good & also having all my work on display. My exhibition is on until the 8th September – more info on it here.
Gossshhhhh I love Instagram – its probably the best addiction one could have…capturing amazing moments in life and being able to look back on them so easily.

Bec Brown OUTLINES Art Exhibition Bec Brown OUTLINES Art Exhibition 2 Tulips + dumplings

We are slowly getting little signs of Spring…which means summer…which means not having to wear 3 pairs of socks and 3 merinos every day!
I hope youre all having a wonderful weekend – today I’m working on my 2015 Calendar. So excited to see the finished product! xobec

2 thoughts on “Instagram lately

  1. Hi Alisha! Do you have any fave instagrammers I should check out?
    Thanks for your comment :)

  2. I love instagram too. I could spend hours flicking through photos, hashtag searching my favourite places, stalking celebs, marvelling at the work of my fave photographers – it’s like a bottomless pit of visual joy.

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