Phone Photo Friday

Phone Friday 03.05

I have really been enjoying the autumn colours, flavours, flowers and fashion this week. I finally got my dream ghost chair for my studio desk, repainted a set of drawers for our bedroom and found a flower market! So our house is full of beautiful vases and the sweet perfume of flowers. This week I feel extremely thankful for every little bit of my life.
Thank you for being such wonderful readers and inspiring me to live this sort of life!xobec

10 thoughts on “Phone Photo Friday

  1. Oh thank you LS. I was thinking of pulling this feature but now I won’t! :)

  2. Hey poppytump, it was a save hard for kind of purchase. I love it! It’s for my desk where I do all my art and blogging :)

  3. Ooh your Ghost Chair .. a surprise or was it a gift, a must – have, a saved up hard for , or an impulse buy Bec …
    Lovely pictures of your week !

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