Phone Photo Friday 05.07
Yipeee this week I finished and have all the framing underway for my Art Expo pieces. We are having beautiful weather in Nelson so Im soaking it all in while it lasts.
This month is the anniversary of my Etsy Shop being open a year. Check out yesterdays post for details on how to get FREE SHIPPING! Im so overwhelmed at the sales, support & opportunities my Etsy Shop has brought me so far. Thank you all for everything!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned,xobec

10 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Similar art prints but as i say i am in the beginning stages and its hard to know whether to pursue it or not!

  2. Hi Rose! I just tested out a few local printers, tried different paper stocks etc to see which I liked best. What sort of prints are you selling?

  3. Hi Bec, your prints are lovely! I was just wondering how you began starting getting prints made, where to get them done etc. I am a bit lost to start!

  4. Wow 90 is soooo amazing…I dont think I know anybody that got to that age. Its incredible!

  5. Yes, its … all women in our family have all reached the age of 90. So it looks like I have 25 years more to go. It’s okay if the body and mind will be with me. Mom’s quality of life wasn’t the greatest the last year and the last 6 months she has time after time indicated that she wanted to leave.

  6. Thanks, Bec … mom wanted to leave … she had become 91 this month. I am doing okay .. some practical problems … I am at her place just now.

  7. Awww Viveka, always nice to hear from you. I hope you are ok…I am so sorry to hear about your mum.
    Thank you so much for the congrats!! x

  8. Congratulations to your first year … and good luck with the coming year.
    I just love how you present your week … in a gallery like this. I haven’t been active because of my mom’s passing and I have missed quite a few of your posts lately. Bec, I love that art sheet you show in this gallery … light, happy and beautiful. Have a pleasant weekend you too.

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