Flower seeds Golden Hour - Frankie Sunset & Flax

Good morning good morning! Phewwww what a week. Our home is sloowwwwly coming together – to the point where I will be able to take beautiful photos to share with you all. We are still finding spots for everything, and now that Frankie the little puppy is in our lives, everything has to be above his height in the house or it gets chewed!
I have been working on a few new artworks – a few simple & fun designs!

Snowing - Lewis Pass

Annnnd this weeks…
Article: Check out these craaaazy Wood Sculptures! This sort of art always blows me away because my impatience would get the better of me if I ever attempted anything close to this. Sooo amazing.
Video: A Time Lapse of New Zealand by Shawn Reeder. I thought it was perfect to share this after my post of the Lewis Pass last week.
Quote: ‘Look closely at the present you are constructing, it should look like the future you are creating…’ – Alice Walker

Dont you love that pic above of the snowy mountains! Woooowweeee New Zealand! ♥


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