Phone Photo Friday 20.09

Another beautiful week for me… I have started exercising every morning which, if you know me, is a huge rarity! But its been a really nice feeling being up so early, seeing the sun rise and the birds chirping on these amazing sunny & snowy spring days.
I hope you all have a perfect weekend planned – I’m starting my birthday celebrations early with a manicure and a couple of glasses of champagne! Bliss…! =)xobec

14 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Love the pictures of the daffodils! The leaves will be turning color here in New York in a couple of weeks. Fall is my favorite time of year. Happy Birthday to you! Mine is on Monday!

  2. It’s my birthday weekend too, and I will definitely be having some glasses of champagne (the funnest drink). Good luck with the exercising – I heard somewhere that Virgos are the least likely of all the signs to work out. Funny huh? Certainly rings true for me.. xx

  3. Bec, have been thinking of doing morning walks before breakfast and I think I will do one tomorrow … if it’s not raining. *smile 15 min walk to the sea front.

  4. Awwww Viveka. Your comments always make me smile. You are absolutely right – champagne is for every day as we should celebrate every day right? :)
    I hope you have a fabulous walk to the beach :) x

  5. Bec, a lovely gallery of your week again. Happy Birthday … and spoil yourself. Champange we should really drink without any reason. Enjoy your day.
    Good luck with what comes tomorrow .. and coming in front.
    And good luck with the running … I’m thinking of start doing a morning walk, running isn’t my thing .. down to oceanfront. I think I will start tomrrow.

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