19 thoughts on “Film Photography: Autumn (part 1)

  1. I love those light leaks so much!

    Makes me want to use film again but I have rolls lingering in a bag that will cost over $50 to get done. It’s so crazy how quickly it adds up!

  2. Haha yes I need to find some sponge! But I do quite like the light streaks :)

  3. I agree Anna! I love the light streak and it just happened to be placed perfectly :)

  4. Beautiful shots. I love the first one. That streak of light is perfectly placed! Whatever has gone ‘wrong’ with the camera is making magic happen : )

  5. I think the light streak is because a small piece of foam is missing inside the camera. It seems to be different depending on how you hold the camera. Well that’s what Arlo and I think anyway :)

  6. I’m using an old praktika film camera. It’s old and clunky :D I need to take mine on our next holiday. Whenever that may be!

  7. It is rather expensive isn’t it! But I have to say, sooooworth it when you get the photos :)

  8. Great gallery ….. my favorite must be the beach *smile – I have to ask you what has caused the light streak in the first and the fourth shot???

  9. Beautiful photos! I love the first one, so gorgeous. Which camera are you using? I love to bring my film camera on vacation; it’s worth all the hassle at airports, because the pictures are stunning.

  10. I love film photography! I’m so excited it’s nice here in New England because I’ve been able to use my film camera more lately. I have like 4 cartridges that need developing….too bad it’s so expensive. i love your shots, and I’ve never seen ferns that big before!!

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