Etsy Shop Birthday!

Clouds of Colour ArtThis month it is my Etsy Shop birthday! To celebrate & thank you for all the support towards my art I wanted to have a little promo. So until the end of July I am offering FREE SHIPPING with every Art Print purchase made on my shop! All you have to do is select  the Art Prints you wish to purchase & use the coupon code FIRSTBIRTHDAY at the checkout. This applies to both local and international buyers.
Thank you for the support towards my art. Love love love,xobec

9 thoughts on “Etsy Shop Birthday!

  1. Hey Mark, yeah I LOVE Etsy! Its a great community, there are heaps of forums to help you get started and have a successful shop. The only thing I would love on it is if buyers could use their visa to purchase. At the moment, that is only available in America :) Let me know if you need any help!

  2. Congratulations! Wonderful artwork, and if you don’t mind me asking – does Etsy work well for you? I’m thinking of selling some of my stuff…

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