12 thoughts on “Etsy Finds: Tribal

  1. I live in the area where Basque tools, 20,000 years old, were found. There were 18 different types. The Basque used to quarry in caves in the east coast area around Washington, D.C. for shale to hunt. Asians had only been around the east coast for 500 years.So Europeans had tens of thousands of years on them as far as being Americans.The zionist press hide this. A lot of human history is blocked.

  2. Not many people know whites were in the Americas long before the “Native Americans” arrived across the Bering Strait, found whites already there, and killed them. They covered it up and claimed the Americas were empty when they arrived. We found the mass graves, tools, entire civilizations that pre-date when Ghengis Khans’ murdering hordes could have arrived. They trace to Europe. There was an ice bridge between N. America and Europe 20,000 ago.
    The Siberian Asians committed the largest genocide in human history, and it was against the white race. The first Americans were Basque. We have tons of evidence.

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