DIY: Paper doily popcorn holders

Doily popcorn holders 5 Doily popcorn holders 4

We had a group of close friends around for our Christmas Eve dinner. I wanted to display the popcorn in a more fun way so made these super simple yet effective holders.
First I cut black paper into an A5 size and twirled it into a cone shape, securing with tape. Next I used a white paper doilie and secured with bakers twine.

Doily popcorn holders 1Doily popcorn holders 3

I love simple ways to display food like this! You could also use them for chips, sweets or dried fruit pieces.xobec

12 thoughts on “DIY: Paper doily popcorn holders

  1. Oh, no … I’m not into all those funny flavors – we don’t have them niether – only buttery or salty .. I like mine salty. MY Christmas was very pleasant, thanks … was visting one of my best friends and her partner. Too much food … !!!!!!

  2. It’s soooo delicious isn’t it Viveka. So many flavours. Hope you had an amazing Christmas :)

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