DIY: Paper doily notebooks.

Another super easy and quick DIY idea for y’all! I bought these kraft notebooks and knew they needed covering, I decided to use some paper doilys but you could use anything :) They also look cute as a whole set.
Supplies needed: Any coloured kraft notebooks, paper doilys, glue and scissors.

This really is the most simple DIY… paste on paper doilys and cut off any pieces that come over the edge of the notebook. I found it better to keep the book closed when pasting it on and also to flatten it out with the top of the glue stick lid as the glue comes through the holes!

I made one to keep all my blog ideas together and its the perfect size for my bag. How do you brainstorm ideas for your blog? xo Bec

14 thoughts on “DIY: Paper doily notebooks.

  1. These are so cute and simple! This past week my friend actually sent me a card she made the same way with a doily and I thought it was adorable.

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