DIY: Fruity ice spoons for summer drinks!

I bought this mould which is supposed to be used to make chocolate spoons in but I thought icey ones might be a bit of fun! So I tested it out using small pieces of orange, lemon and mint. I also want to test out coffee, choco chips, berries …the list goes on! Heres a few pics from my experiment… Do you like the flax woven mat I whipped up? I actually ended up making it into a basket which Ill post about later! These would be a great addition to any summer drink! xo Bec

15 thoughts on “DIY: Fruity ice spoons for summer drinks!

  1. Haha awww youre too sweet! So glad you liked my icey spoons. I know how to weave flax baskets but not how to treat the flax so that they last forever :D So its more of a temporary basket

  2. I am in love with this idea. I may be stealing it… and seriously you just decided on a whim to weave a basket! I am more in awe of you as the days go on missy!

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