Daffodils & Oak Trees

Field of daffodil flowers - Broadgreen House, Nelson Field of daffodil flowers 1 Field of daffodil flowers 2 Field of daffodil flowers 3 Field of daffodil flowers 4 Field of daffodil flowers 5

Broadgreen house is so so pretty in Spring. Every year, I look forward to seeing the bright yellow haze of daffodils under the huge oak trees. There seems to be more every year – sometimes with bluebells! If you live in Nelson, or are visiting soon, make sure you check out this beautiful (and divine smelling) garden,xobec

16 thoughts on “Daffodils & Oak Trees

  1. Yes, I thought may that could be a flower that you can work with – they are called “vitsippa” if you want to find more with help of Google.

  2. Ohhhh viveka thank you so much for sharing this image with me. I love how these white flowers cover the ground like that. So sooo beautiful!!

  3. My favourite too Viveka! And what an absolutely amazing way to describe it – sun on earth!! Ahhh :)

  4. Just so beautiful …. and I haven’t even started on my autumn *smile Isn’t just like having the sun on earth. My favorite spring flower.

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