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One of my absolute favourite things about living in Nelson is how much there is to do in summer. It really is the best at this time of year. As well as plenty of festivals and markets, there are outdoor movies! Arlo and I had never been before so decided to go to The Secret Garden – 1940’s edition! Everyone bought a picnic basket and snuggled up with blankets and pillows like a giant sleepover. We LOVED it and laughed so hard at the acting and script. Just a little snippet of what Arlo and I get upto… xo Bec

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14 thoughts on “Currently: Outdoor movies

  1. Outdoor movies are a great way for family and friends to spend time together. Grab the picnic basket, something comfy to sit on and you’ve got yourself some great outdoor entertainment.

  2. Okay, i am an idiot. I replied to the wrong person. I am having issues with my phone and twitter and i thought you twitted me. Sorry. But yes, I will watch it. :)

  3. I love the secret garden! Never saw that version though. Have to check it out some time. By the way, I am having phone issues, but I did see the twitter feed. Thank you.

  4. Your picnic basket is perfect. Now I can’t wait for the New Jersey winter to end so that I can be out and about again. There was a drive-in theatre nearby that stayed open long after the others closed. There is something so fun about watching a movie in the summer outdoors. Unfortunately, it eventually closed.

  5. Aw sounds like fun ! Makes me miss the summer a bit from where I am at. Where I live we have movies like the one you went to in parks, but we also used to have Drive In Movies where people drive their cars to a biiiiigggg screen and watch the movies from their cars ! It was awesome. Great food basket ( how convenient is that ) : ).

  6. Haven’t been to an outside movie … since I was a child and teen. But I have been to outdoor concerts with picnic as an adult and I love it.
    Thanks for bring a smile to my dull Monday.

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