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Kaiteriteri Beach

Kaiteri Beach, New Zealand .jpg Kaiteri Beach, New Zealand .jpgKaiteri Beach, New Zealand .jpg

A few snaps from our visit to Kaiteriteri beach on the weekend. If you’re a visitor to the Nelson region – this is one spot that you have to visit. Golden sand, beautiful blue ocean and plenty of outdoor adventures. I melt every time I come here. It’s so so stunning.
Plus – I discovered the best burger place called Gone Burgers. One of those burgers you should probably eat alone but, because you’re loving every mouthful so much, you don’t care that it’s all over your face and dripping down both arms. Too much info? Just wait until you try it!


Fantail bird, New Zealand 1 Fantail bird, New Zealand 2 Fantail bird, New Zealand 3 Fantail bird, New Zealand 4

This little fantail is my all time favourite bird. They flutter around full of energy (which makes them very tricky to get photos of) and happiness – singing all the way!
In Maori mythology, the fantail is a messenger and brings news from the gods to the people. Their Maori name is Pīwakawaka.
Do you have a favourite bird? I would love to hear about them!xobec

Long weekend

Brook Sanctuary Nelson 2 Brook Sanctuary Nelson 3 Brook Sanctuary Nelson 4Brook Sanctuary Nelson 6Brook Sanctuary Nelson 1Brook Sanctuary Nelson 5 Brook Sanctuary Nelson 7

This weekend has been a long one in New Zealand. With sunny days and snowy mountains.
Mum and explored the beautiful Brook Sanctuary – we walked for about an hour enjoying the fresh air, New Zealand nature, birds chirping and skimming stones in the river.
I came back feeling refreshed and ready for some creativity.
How was your weekend?xobec

Isel Park

Isel Park Nelson Spring 1 Isel Park Nelson Spring 2 Isel Park Nelson Spring 3 Isel Park Nelson Spring 5Isel Park Nelson Spring 4

Isel Park is in full bloom at the moment with bluebells covering the ground, poppies, monarch butterflies, rhododendrons + sooo much more. The house is over 160 years old. If you live in Nelson, or are visiting, make sure you check it out… and have a game of frisbee golf while you’re taking in the beauty of spring! xobec

Daffodils & Oak Trees

Field of daffodil flowers - Broadgreen House, Nelson Field of daffodil flowers 1 Field of daffodil flowers 2 Field of daffodil flowers 3 Field of daffodil flowers 4 Field of daffodil flowers 5

Broadgreen house is so so pretty in Spring. Every year, I look forward to seeing the bright yellow haze of daffodils under the huge oak trees. There seems to be more every year – sometimes with bluebells! If you live in Nelson, or are visiting soon, make sure you check out this beautiful (and divine smelling) garden,xobec