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So for my A-Z Photo DIY I have decided to revamp a coffee table. I thought this would be a cool idea as soon we will be moving into our own place and I wanted to easily move it.

Items needed: An old receycled table, an A3 sheet of your favourite photos, spray glue, a ruler and very sharp knife.

Firstly I arranged all my photos onto A3 pages and printed them onto a fine paper. From here I used spray glue and coated the top of the table. Stick the sheets of paper on so that it covers the whole top of the table. Carefully press out any air bubbles with your hand.

Next, cut around the edges of your table with a sharp blade, until you are happy with the edges!

Next I coated the top with a heavy varnish (mum had some polyurethane left in the shed) and left it to try for a few hours.

Loving it! x Bec


Guess whos back…back again! Yusss Im back in the homeland and loving it. The first things Arlo and I have noticed are how amazing the food (especially coffee!) tastes and also how absolutely perfectly fresh the air smells! So for my ‘Z’ photo Im going to have to cheat a bit and do…

Z! Zealand, New Zealand

Today Arlo and I are unpacking, settling into mums home and getting organised. I have a pretty sweet DIY in store for the A-Z photos so keep an eye out!
Thank you all SO much for the beautiful messages you all wrote on my last post! Everyone following my blog, you are seriously the bees knees :)
More soon… x Bec

…And we are off!

Well guys, the time has come for Arlo and I to head back to NZ! As of tomorrow I will have no internet as we will be doing the final pack-up and then flying across the Tasman. Ill be sure to take lots of photos along the way and update you all as soon as possible! But for now, here is W, X & Y of the A-Z photos… I will be doing a DIY with these in our new home AND sharing my Z with you when I next have internet! (oh the anticipation :) ) Yeeehooo excitement and new adventures ahead!

Make sure you all keep happy and well… I shall return to the blogging world as soon as I can! X Bec

W! Wharf

X! Xmas decorations made by my mum and I…
I just found these when we were packing away our home so thought I’d share.

Y! Yellow chicken :)


V! Vineyard

And the countdown has begun! Only a few more days left in the big bad city and then we are back to country life. Theres been alot of organising going on, people to see, things to sell…and I have finally narrowed my life down into 3 suitcases. My last update will be tomorrow as our internet is getting cut off so I will be showing you the rest of my A-Z photos :) Have a lovely day y’all! x Bec