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Phone Photo Friday

Phone Friday 08.03

Dont you just love it when you find a new favourite spot or shop? A place that you walk into and you have a recall of memories, smells, loves, times and places. Its one of the best feelings. Well this week I had one of those moments. A new shop has opened in Nelson called Edito. They import furniture from Europe & America, a mix of vintage and new. Their showroom is like the New York warehouse apartment Ive always dreamed of living in.
Mum and I fell in love as soon as we walked in and wanted to own everything in the store! (Photos of their little coffee shop are above).
Also if you missed out on seeing part one of mine and Arlo’s film photography mission, click here. Such fun! Happy Friday lovely readers!xobec


Yeehoooo its that time again… 5 photo friday. I really look forward to doing this post, not only because it means I have one more day of work until my weekend but also because I get to share with you some of my favourite photos. Today is dedicated to the colour orange! Although its not my favourite colour, I use it in alot of my paintings (see very bottom image), it has alot of natural beauty.
And I just love it in the vintage wallpaper image below!
Cheers to the weekend! X Bec


Just incase nobody knew… I’m in love with anything that has birds on it. I think they just make a picture, pattern, or drawing beautiful. So todays 5 photos are of a few of many bird photos.

I absolutely love this image, we fed this little guy bits of apple which he happily gobbled up!

These two hung out with each other the whole time Arlo and I were having a picnic, very cute couple dont’cha think?

Native New Zealand pigeon that reminds me of home.

Have a beautiful weekend y’al! X Bec