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Sunkissed Muir Woods

This is Muir Woods- an amazing forest just on the outskirts of San Fran city. If any of you have seen Rise of the planet of the Apes then you will have seen this forest featured at the end of the movie, you know when all the apes fly over the Golden Gate bridge and into the trees? Well this is those trees! My uncle took Arlo and I here and we thoroughly enjoyed having a photo competition through the beautiful redwood trees. Its a very refreshing place to go after you’ve been in the city! If you want to check out any details for Muir Woods, the website is here. And thats the end of our holiday pics! Arlo and I spent our last few days in San Fran shopping, eating our favourite goodies and enjoying the ‘Indian summer’. Hope you enjoyed seeing our trip, xo Bec

The below photo is my FAVE! While we where walking along, I spotted this shot and quickly took it. Dont you love it when nature provides such a perfect image? xo Bec

A river ride

On one of the days that Arlo and I were in Northern California, we had a lot of fun going up this river. We were also lucky enough to spot some baby seals but they were too fast for me to capture! In the photo below, Arlo did a backflip off an old wharf. I loved the photo I captured so had to share it with you all! Is anyone else able to backflip like this? I’m too scared to try! xo Bec

Northern California adventures

After being in the city for a few days, Arlo I went up the northern coast to explore and visit family. I took these shots along the way! I especially love the ones out of the car window with the sun going down, hot dry fields and silhouettes. It was very pretty and we thoroughly enjoyed our time up there! Which is your favourite pic? xo Bec

Golden Gate bridge

It was 35`C on the day we visited the Golden Gate bridge which for my body is waaay over the limit. Before I almost melted onto the concrete, I got these pics of the very beautiful bridge. Fun fact: the painting of this bridge never stops, once they complete it they have to go back to the start again. Imagine having that job and saying you’ve painted the Golden gate bridge 322 times! Crazzzy! xo Bec

American food… wowsa!

One of things Arlo and I could not get over was the food in San Fran. Not only was it all AMAZING but the portion sizes were huge! We tried chilli cheese fries for the first time, ate the BEST Mexican ever (and as much as we possibly could!) and stocked up on Arizona Iced teas and peanut butter M&Ms! Im already missing the food and would go back just for that! mmmmm yum. Do you have any favourite American foods? xo Bec