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Currently: I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart

Im loving the fact that Valentines Day in on its way. Arlo and I explored the city the other day and it seemed to be bursting with cut-out hearts and bright red decorations everywhere. Which led me to the question, isn’t it funny that there’s only one day a year that we celebrate the L word? When really every day we should be enjoying and celebrating it? The world would be a mighty fine place if we did!
:) X Bec

Here we go around the merry-go-round

My very gorgeous friend Vanny arrived from the UK yesterday so I’ve been showing her around the city! We decided to join the little kids today and had a ride on the carousel which a dear little granny let us go on. Yes we were the biggest kids on there but it was fun! Check out the new headband and fabric of a dress I bought…LOVE it!

And for all of you that are waiting for my 10 hour mission photos, they are coming! I’d forgotten what a process it was to get photos developed!
Hope you’re having a lovely sunny day, X Bec (& Vanny)

What’s in my bag?

Yes… im still super excited about my new vintage bag so heres another post relating to it! I find it interesting to see what is in someones bag, its so personal…some people carry the world in there, some only the necessities. How can males go without one? Ive tried only carrying a wallet and I feel…well…naked!


3 favourites things that I always carry in my bag are

A fresh spray of Daisy!
My wee notebook full of blog and business ideas.
A wee wooden elephant that i’ve had for years, I like to think of him as my good luck charm :)

What is in your bag today?

X Bec

A morning at the market.

I get so excited searching for new pieces that I can decorate our home with and will inspire me. There’s an amazing second hand market near our home that is held every Sunday, how could I not resist not going for just a little peak?

Check out these little pegs a mother and her daughter had decorated – sooo cute!

And I found the most amazing vintage bag! See below for pics. The interior has a mirror and is lined with old gold embroidered fabric. On both sides of the exterior is an intricate Egyptian etching, oh gosh I just LOVE it!

As you can see I am pretty much in LOVE with my new bag!
Hope you enjoyed my adventure as much I did :)
X Bec