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Phone Photo Friday.

Friday! Here are some of the photos that I took this week on Instagram :) My week consisted of blogging (of course!), photo missions at a local garden, thrifting and a beautiful picnic with my lovely Arlo. Next week ill be away for a few days as Im heading over to a family bach where there is the most AMAZing photo opportunities there so Ill be sure to show you all some more kiwi landscapes :) Have a good weekend! xo Bec
PS: I had my FIRST sale on Etsy this week!!! Im sooo overwhelmed and excited :D :D

Take me back, to San Francisco!

Hey Guys! Just a quick bit of exciting and awesome news…Arlo and I are off to San Fran this year! So I was wanting to ask all you lovely American followers if you have any suggestions of places we should eat at, drink at, interesting spots we should visit, markets, shopping spots…?! We are sooo excited to get over there and explore (you can imagine how crazy I’ll go with photos!) The photo above is one I took on my last trip as we headed out to the Alcatraz. Thaaaanks! xo Bec

Phone Photo Friday.

Its that time again! Phone Photo Friday. Since signing up to instagram a week ago, Ive found myself taking alot more photos- hence the new layout for today! Ive been doing sooo many zentangles, thrifting and eating this week! Its also my little friends 8th birthday party tomorrow so some DIYs are to come of what I made her :D Have a pearler weekend y’all, xo Bec

Phone Photo Friday.

Oh golly gosh I totally forgot about Phone Photo Friday yesterday! So here is this week in photos… I love this big log that someone wrote smile on…so much better than the usual tagging around town! I have some cool silhouette photos to come this week aswel! Bring on June and all the awesomeness it entails! xo Bec

Phone Photo Friday!

Friday again! This week has been full of lots of fun DIY’s and getting stuck into more drawings for the Clouds of Colour Etsy store. Im also getting into photographing places around my hometown to show you all- alot of kiwi landscapes and animals so keep an eye out! Hope you all have an exciting weekend planned :) xo Bec