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Currently: Art in Windows display- complete!

Well guys here it is! On Friday I set up my display for the Art in Windows. I felt nervous and excited all in one. Selling online is quite a different way of putting yourself out there, compared to seeing peoples reactions. The set of drawers above is something I REALLY want- imagine it in my studio! My display was designed around the idea of a studio and the environment I love to work in. The above image has my art supplies spilling out of the drawers with framed art on top.

I made little postcards that have all my contact details and a pretty pattern on top. Above the desk area is a visionboard of all my photography and inspirations. I handmade all of the bunting too!

On the desk is a clearfile of art prints and them spilling onto the desk. In the typewriter I wrote a blurb about myself…love this!

Next to the set of drawers are stacked vintage suitcases with a display of the greeting cards. And below are some cushions I added doilies to. These turned out sooooo well and fit in perfectly with the theme of my display! Im so SO pleased with outcome and couldn’t have done it without the help of the amazing girls instore. This is such an exciting opportunity and fingers crossed the display wins a prize! If you wouldnt mind voting for my display here, I will love y’all forever! Thanks for all the encouragement :D xo Bec

Currently: Art in Window display

Just a quick update about what Im currently working on for Clouds of Colour! Every year Nelson holds an Arts Festival where local artists and musicians showcase their work and a wide range of theatre, dance, music, workshops and film is put on. This year I will be taking part in what is called Art in Windows where local stores showcase a local artist and let them put together a display in the shopfront window. It is a really amazing opportunity to get your art out into the community. I am soooo excited to have been chosen! So this week im busy organising, printing and getting together my display. Keep an eye out for the final result photos! xo Bec

Take me back, to San Francisco!

Hey Guys! Just a quick bit of exciting and awesome news…Arlo and I are off to San Fran this year! So I was wanting to ask all you lovely American followers if you have any suggestions of places we should eat at, drink at, interesting spots we should visit, markets, shopping spots…?! We are sooo excited to get over there and explore (you can imagine how crazy I’ll go with photos!) The photo above is one I took on my last trip as we headed out to the Alcatraz. Thaaaanks! xo Bec


Guess whos back…back again! Yusss Im back in the homeland and loving it. The first things Arlo and I have noticed are how amazing the food (especially coffee!) tastes and also how absolutely perfectly fresh the air smells! So for my ‘Z’ photo Im going to have to cheat a bit and do…

Z! Zealand, New Zealand

Today Arlo and I are unpacking, settling into mums home and getting organised. I have a pretty sweet DIY in store for the A-Z photos so keep an eye out!
Thank you all SO much for the beautiful messages you all wrote on my last post! Everyone following my blog, you are seriously the bees knees :)
More soon… x Bec

…And we are off!

Well guys, the time has come for Arlo and I to head back to NZ! As of tomorrow I will have no internet as we will be doing the final pack-up and then flying across the Tasman. Ill be sure to take lots of photos along the way and update you all as soon as possible! But for now, here is W, X & Y of the A-Z photos… I will be doing a DIY with these in our new home AND sharing my Z with you when I next have internet! (oh the anticipation :) ) Yeeehooo excitement and new adventures ahead!

Make sure you all keep happy and well… I shall return to the blogging world as soon as I can! X Bec

W! Wharf

X! Xmas decorations made by my mum and I…
I just found these when we were packing away our home so thought I’d share.

Y! Yellow chicken :)