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‘Where are you looking for’ – Jessica Lindblom-Brice Art Exhibition

Jessica Lindbrom-Brice Artist 3

Whilst working in the Little Beehive Co-Op the other day I had the fantastic idea that with every exhibition showcased there, I would ask the artist a few questions on their work & life.
First up is the extremely talented Jessica Lindblom-Brice (look at her studio space – I loooove it!!)
Her work blows me away. Not only for the pure talent in her drawings but, when you study her work closely some of the pieces are made up of hundreds of dots done with ink pen. For someone as impatient as me – I admire the time and energy in each & every dot!

Without further ado…

What is the inspiration behind your current exhibition “Where are you looking for”?
To start with, the inspiration came mainly from old fact books on nature, like children’s encyclopaedias from the 60’s and 70’s. That’s really how it all started. I started collecting them quite a while back and looking in them made me feel really happy. When I gave it some more thought, I realised that it all had to do with the comforting nostalgia of childhood and I wanted to work with that. I am an admitted sufferer of homesickness and I found it interesting that I could find such comfort in the visual style of the photos and illustrations in these old books.

Which is your favourite piece from the exhibition & why?
It’s hard for me to choose a favourite, because they are all very close to the heart. I spent a long time working on each piece, both mentally and physically.
If I have to choose one though I think my favourite piece is the whale drawing. The piece titled “Where are you looking for”. Maybe because that was the first drawing in this body of work and the one that made me keep going, because I felt like I was onto something. I also like “Gone”, because it has got a lot of blackness in it. Like life itself.
I like all of them.

Jessica Lindbrom-Brice Artist 2

How do you know when a piece is complete?
That is such a good question! And a hard question.
How do I know when a piece is complete? I have over worked drawings so many times and bitterly regretted it. I think a piece is complete when I feel that all the elements are working together in a good way. When I get the feeling that the image communicates what I am trying to say. That has taken me a lot of practice though.

What do love most about being an artist?
That I get to draw. I just love to draw.
The bonus being, of course, that sometimes other people enjoy my work too. It’s incredibly satisfying when the feedback I get on my work tells me that I actually managed to express my thoughts visually. I do not, however, believe that that is my main purpose when I do a drawing. That others need to understand me “correctly”. There is no right or wrong way to read my work. Either it makes you feel something or it doesn’t. If it does, that’s great.

What is your dream creative project?
To do something on a big scale! Like maybe a mural or something like that. I would love to do a collaboration with another artist, someone that works differently from me. That would be really challenging and I would be really interested in what could happen along the way.

What tip would you give an up and coming artist?
To stick to your guns! Listen to others, be inspired, but stay true to what you love and who you are. Find your own ways and don’t be intimidated by other artist’s work, instead be inspired!
And work hard. Don’t give up. I realise it all sounds like clichés, but I think there is a lot of truth in those things.

Jessica Lindbrom-Brice Artist 1

‘Where are you looking for’ – Jessica Lindblom-Brice
Little Beehive Co-Op
123 Hardy Street, Nelson

I bet you want to see Jessica’s work in the flesh now! xobec

The Cats Table

Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 5Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 3

On Thursday night I attended ‘The Cats Table’ at Deville in Nelson. It’s was a very cool and edgy fashion show by Trouble & Fox, Sidecar and Kohl & Cochineal – showcasing some of their current designs.
Trouble & Fox and Sidecar are locally owned and run boutiques in Nelson. Both are full of an eclectic mix of handpicked clothing and accessories. It is so so amazing to have stores like this in Nelson – unique, quirky & fun. I absolutely loooove the interiors of these stores too. My fave feature being upside lamps hanging above the counter at Trouble & Fox! Very clever.
Kohl & Cochineal is a Nelson based label designing & creating seriously cool & classic handbags. Each piece is locally made – which I love!
I also loved the way the models were dressed to show off these fab pieces.

Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 2 This was my faaaavourite outfit combo! Those pants are I.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 6
Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 7 Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 8Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 9 And of course – there isn’t a party without a photo booth!
What a perfect way to spend a Thursday evening. I felt honoured to be part of the night.
Make sure you like all of the Facebook pages for these guys – so much goodness to keep up with!xobec

Feature Sponsor: Lisa Grennell

Lisa Grennell FeatureAd

Hello guys, I wanted to introduce you to my first ever feature sponsor! Do you remember the screen printing course I did back in December? Well this is the queen of screen printing herself- Lisa Grennell. Below are a few photos of her artwork and a bio. Make sure you check out her website too. Its full of the amazing artwork she does.

Lisa Grennell FeatureAd1

Lisa is an emerging New Zealand artist with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design from the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, 2010.
Lisa runs private screen printing workshops from her home studio in Nelson and dedicates her time to print making and sketching. This she describes as a “nice balance” from the random, instant expression of screen printing, to the methodical precision of fine detailed drawing. Lisa’s art practice is inspired by her love of nature. Her use of the soft delicate markings of the pencil represents the vulnerability of our bird species. In contrast, the ‘Monarch’ sits in its hierarchical position, unthreatened and dominant. This deliberate act is the artist’s expression of how our existence is governed.
Her prints are based on a similar theme, however the use of children draws upon her own experience of motherhood with concern for the future, modern technology and vast changes in ethical and moral standards. The stenciled Street Art inspired pieces are direct and ‘in your face’; referencing the loss of innocence, “Our children are growing up too fast”.

Lisa Grennell FeatureAd2

If you want to read more about the few days I spent with Lisa you can read about it here. She is extremely talented and I highly recommend her course! Lisa will also be doing a special giveaway during this month so make sure you like her Facebook page so you don’t miss out!xobec

The Great Christmas Market Nelson

On Sunday, The Great Christmas Market was on. It was sooo cool meeting fellow bloggers and creatives in the Nelson region. I cannot wait until next years where I will hopefully have my own stall! Here are a few pics from the day and a few of my favorite stalls. I have added links so you can all see their work too :)

Katie from Skunk & Robot makes beautiful screen printed lamp shades & prints. I loved her hand made ties which had different patterned fabrics. You can check out her Facebook page here. What a clever chicky!

The Inside designs and makes these stags heads and birds (which I totally want!) She also specialises in wallpaper, decals and fabrics. Love her work. You can check out the website here.

Wonderville has the most funky artworks Ive seen. Fleur uses a bunch of mixed media to create these beauties. Check out her Facebook page here! She is also one of the fab chicks to have started The Great Christmas Market :)

Print Mistress was another of my faves. She designs and screen prints fabrics, tea towels, tees etc So clever and with such beautiful patterns! Check out her Facebook page here. Some of her designs (like in the bottom of this photo) are quite similar to some of my drawings. I love the contrast of colours and designs.

Kim from Cupcake Cutie makes these super cuuuuuuute hand stitched items. I love the cupcake pin cushions and babushka dolls! Kim has a blog full of amazing tutorials which you can check out here. Any of these would be perfect gifts for Christmas.

Waaaaahhhh these are too cute! Little felt acorns and santa men. Stef from Little Pixie Design doesn’t have a site yet but if you’re keen to get in contact with her, email stefdodunski{AT} I now wish Id bought one (or 10) of those acorns! LOVE.

I love these little brooches by Sally of Mahana Redlegs. Very cute. She has an online shop which you can check out here.

What an awesome day. Meeting like minded creatives on a beautiful sunny day. I am looking forward to joining in the fun in next years market! If you visited any of these sites, which was your fave? xo Bec

Feature: The War of Art book

My lovely brother sent this book to me for my birthday. He thought it would be good for me to read if I ever get creative block. And it is! Very easy to read, you can flick to any page and get inspired. The book is about resistance and how that force will stop us from achieving what it is we really want to do. If your goal is to lose weight and exercise, resistance is what keeps you on the couch. If you want to be an artist and make money from your passion, resistance gives you excuses not to sit down and draw.
The book then helps you overcome these obstacles. I highly recommend it for you all you lovely creatives out there that need some inspiration!
Have you read any good books lately? I need some summer reads! xo Bec