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Art Project / The Desert: Day 3

Sunset Tree 2

Art Project / Inspired by the desert: Silhouette Tree

Today is the last day of mine and Alana’s mini drawing project. It was hard getting these 3 pieces out on time, we both felt pressured and were chatting every day with new bits of inspiration, what we could draw and pinning ideas on Pinterest! I chose to doodle the silhouette of a tree against a huge orange sun in the desert. I like the simplicity of it with one big pop of colour. xobec

My day as an artist print

Day as an artist 2

I have a lot of people asking me what I get up to during my days as an artist so I thought drawing what my favourite day consists of would be fun. Here is what a perfect day for me looks like…a cup of coffee, blogging ideas, fresh flowers, painting, drawing, designing and photography. This artwork is available as a print on my Shop. Enjoy! xo Bec

Its ANZAC Day.

Hey all! Its ANZAC day here in NZ so i thought id touch back on all the poppy posts ive done in the past :) Some of my favourite poppy photos that I took at the start of the week, the huge paper flowers I made for mums lounge and of course my poppy zentangle. Below is a painting I did for mum.

I love ANZAC Day, not only for all the poppies, but its a beautiful time for Australians and New Zealanders to put aside all the sheep jokes and stand together in a day of remembrance.

Arlo has the day off today so we are off for a picnic, Ill share photos tomorrow! xo Bec