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This weekend, as all artisits do at some point, I’ve been particularly unmotivated. Sort of a blob around the house weekend. I love achieving so find it unbearable being in this slump. I jumped on the web this morning, hoping that google would help me out. Heres a few tips that I found and carried out, hope it motivates you aswel! :) If you want to check out the website I found, click here.

~ Find your mantra or slogan. A short sentence that you live by.

~ Remember your peak moments. Moments that remind you who you are and what goals you are aiming for.

~Do Less. Instead of trying to get 10 things done in your day, do one perfectly.

~Find Inspiration. Read success stories on like minded goals and loves.

~Squash negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

~ Think about the benefits, not the difficulties. Remember how good it feels to achieve something, not how hard it is to get there.

And my personal favourite which I found worked for me…
~ Buy the biggest coffee you can find, eat 3 cupcakes and read your favourite magazine in the sun.
(This one I tested and loved! hehe) X Bec


Hey guys! Hope you had a fab weekend. I’ve been designing and drawing… with a trip to the beach in between :) Arlo is teaching my bro how to surf! I also baked some delish muffins …recipe and pics to come.
I’ve been watching the Banksy movie ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ which you can watch the trailer for here. Its totally amazing and worth a perve. What an awesome guy!

Here is one of the paintings I did when I was going through a Graffiti phase in my work. Hope you like it! X Bec


There is just something so satisfying about bookstores for me, I love buying books, I love sitting in the big leather chairs they have in bookstores so that I can choose my faves, I love browsing around with a fresh coffee in hand. But most of all I ADORE the smell of a new book. It may sound odd, but its like getting new stationery…that new clean, fresh, musty smell that is superb in its own little way. So next time you’re in a bookstore, give a book a sniff. I dare ya! :P X Bec


Ok so I’m doing a bit of a sneaky putting these on here… My mum has been into photography for awhile now and is always hiding her photos away, so when she came to visit me in Sydney I was lucky enough to score (or maybe steal) a few of her photos. I have been wanting to show her just how amazing she is at photography and what better way than to do a blog entry on it! So LIKE away people! Let me know what you think :) These images are from her garden at home and also from her travels around England.

Love you mum! X Bec