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Ok. So Im not sure if Im going crazy or I really have had the best idea… but Ive started what is my biggest art project EVER. I found myself lying on the couch today staring at the only blank wall of our apartment and came to the conclusion that I wanted to fill it with the BIGGEST doodle drawing. I then got excited and went to the local art shop, returning home with a 1.5 x 2.8 meter un-stretched canvas and some new ink pens.

Im going to attempt this new crAzzzyyYY mission, showing you guys some images along the way.

Here are some snippets of the beginning… X Bec


For aaages Ive been wanting to know how to draw portraits, not in depth perfect fancy ones but even just a quick sketch of someones face, or the silhouette of a body. As I was browsing blogs the other day, I came across a cool idea on this blog where the artist Scott is doing 100 portraits and getting his fans involved. SO inspirational and he really is doing some of the best portraits Ive ever seen so make sure you pop over to his blog :)
So im going to make it one of my resolutions… Once a week I will draw someones portrait… because as they say, practice makes perfect!

Heres the first one I’ve done, of our old dog Bob. As you can tell Im only just starting out but I hope to be amazing by the end of my mission!

X Bec

P.S If anyone wants me to attempt one of them, send in an image of yourself to and I shall give it a go then post it up the following week!

ARTWORK: Watercolour Girl

Since being in Australia, i’ve found myself painting in very washy tones. One of my favourites that i’ve done so far is of the girl below. I had no plan to draw her and yet it all just came out on the canvas. I’m sooo pleased with the results! Let me know what you think :) I have many more paintings to share with you so keep an eye out for more to come! X Bec