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5 DAYS OF FLOWER ART: Day 4, Lilies

Day 4 of mine and The Little Leaf‘s flower art project! Some simple lilies :)
Thank you all so much for your feedback and love towards my blog, in the past few weeks especially. Im getting closer and closer to living my dream and having my own creative business for all to enjoy! xo Bec

Lilies, pencil on art paper 

5 days of flower art: Day 3, Poppies

For day 3 I have done some poppy zentangles (how could I miss an opportunity to doodle!). I would love to start selling these as wee cards or prints, would you buy them if I did? :D
Dont forget to check out Alanas drawings at The Little Leaf! xo Bec

Poppies, watercolour and ink pen on paper

5 DAYS OF FLOWER ART: Day 1, Red rose

Alana from The Little Leaf and I have decided to do another project together! Last time we collaborated it was to do the A-Z of Photos, but this week we want to focus on our art skills. We will be doing 5 days of flower artwork using any sorts of medium, in either abstract or realistic.
My first one… I found it very hard not to start doodling all over this one! But I wanted to try out these mediums as I haven’t used them for ages :) xo Bec

Red rose in charcoal and pastel