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5 DAYS OF FLOWER ART: Day 1, Red rose

Alana from The Little Leaf and I have decided to do another project together! Last time we collaborated it was to do the A-Z of Photos, but this week we want to focus on our art skills. We will be doing 5 days of flower artwork using any sorts of medium, in either abstract or realistic.
My first one… I found it very hard not to start doodling all over this one! But I wanted to try out these mediums as I haven’t used them for ages :) xo Bec

Red rose in charcoal and pastel 

PORTRAIT #4: Myself and Arlo!

Ok so my portrait attempt this week… I think THIS has been the hardest yet. Drawing yourself is an odd feeling, but its all about learning and practicing at the moment. Arlo and I have been doing a big clean out of our house this weekend… I shall let you know why later this week!
Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! X Bec

PS: A huge thank you for all the comments and likes, this blog is inspiring me to be such a great creator and artist. I am so overwhelmed at all the love from my followers so thank you. Im meeting some truly superb peopz! x