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Playing with crayons & making pattern.

Do you remember the little girl I did a tie dye project with? Well she came around for another play date and we decided to test out melting crayons. It seems to be all the rage at the moment! It was fun watching the colours melt and collide but very hard trying to make a particular design. I took a photo (as seen below) of our end result and decided to have a play with it in Photoshop. Above is what I came up with, I love how bright and colourful it is!

Remember to check out thelittleleaf for Alanas pattern today! Also today is the last day you can enter to win one of my art prints! So make sure you get in the draw :) xo Bec

Fabric Pattern designed by meee

As seen in this previous post I love designing fabric patterns. I get to mix my love of drawing and photoshop. So here is another design I did whilst living in Sydney. Now all I need to do is learn to sew (its the one creative thing that im absolutely shocking at!) Make sure you check out Alanas pattern post today :) xo Bec

Its ANZAC Day.

Hey all! Its ANZAC day here in NZ so i thought id touch back on all the poppy posts ive done in the past :) Some of my favourite poppy photos that I took at the start of the week, the huge paper flowers I made for mums lounge and of course my poppy zentangle. Below is a painting I did for mum.

I love ANZAC Day, not only for all the poppies, but its a beautiful time for Australians and New Zealanders to put aside all the sheep jokes and stand together in a day of remembrance.

Arlo has the day off today so we are off for a picnic, Ill share photos tomorrow! xo Bec


Update number 3 for my Giant Doodle drawing! Im slowly getting there with it all. There is quite a bit that I am leaving blank until Ive been over the whole canvas. This way I can go back and re-do any gaps…its hard working on big scale and trying to keep balance etc looking gooooood :) Loving my big bird below! I still havnt decided if I want to doodle on his face yet…what do you think? xo Bec