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Giant doodle drawing #5!

I haven’t updated you all on the Giant doodle I began at the start of the year. Mainly because getting it back home to NZ from Sydney was a mission! And it has since been rolled up in the corner of our room. But last weekend I hung it up in our hallway and started working on it again. I am now adamant on completing it! For any of you that haven’t seen this before, when Arlo and I were living in Sydney, I thought it would be a really cool idea to do the biggest doodle drawing EVER! It is 3 meters wide and 2 meters in height. Ridiculous I know. So here are a few pics of it at this stage. I’ll keep working on it and updating you with my progress! If you have any ideas for animals or insects you would like to see incorporated, let me know! xo Bec

Giant doodle drawing update! #4

Helllooo, its been awhile since I updated you all on my doodle drawing! In the next update I will get a few shots of it from far away so you can see the mammoth job im doing! For now, here are a few more close ups :) Hope you like! Are there any flowers or animals you would like to see added? xo Bec


Update number 3 for my Giant Doodle drawing! Im slowly getting there with it all. There is quite a bit that I am leaving blank until Ive been over the whole canvas. This way I can go back and re-do any gaps…its hard working on big scale and trying to keep balance etc looking gooooood :) Loving my big bird below! I still havnt decided if I want to doodle on his face yet…what do you think? xo Bec