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Swimming Flowers Print up on Etsy!

Im on a roll! Another art print is up on the Etsy Clouds of Colour Shop. You can get so much done on a rainy day indoors! Now to get going on my Giant Doodle drawing so I can show you all an update of it… Keep an eye out! xo Bec

Strawberry Zentangle.

Hey guys! Today is the day to announce the winner of my Art Print… A big congrats to Ninali! I hope you love your print :)
Here is another print Ive added to the Clouds of Colour Shop so make sure you take a look! What else would you like to see me zentangle? xo Bec
PS: Ive just signed up to twitter so if you’re keen for a tweet, add me! CloudsofColour :D

5 days of flower art: Day 3, Poppies

For day 3 I have done some poppy zentangles (how could I miss an opportunity to doodle!). I would love to start selling these as wee cards or prints, would you buy them if I did? :D
Dont forget to check out Alanas drawings at The Little Leaf! xo Bec

Poppies, watercolour and ink pen on paper