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Oscar & Ray

Oscar & Ray 4


This stunning children’s book is a collaboration between Amber Gaskell & Bec Brown.
“Ray is a little caterpillar with a big heart. Taking his friend Oscar on an adventure through starry filled skies, pirate filled islands and new friendships.
A beautifully written story to explore a childs heart and emotions around kindness and the importance of friendship.”

Oscar & Ray 2

Want to know about us?
Amber Gaskell – “With a focus of rhythm and rhyme. Oscar and Ray is written to please the ears and eyes of all storytellers.”
Young or old it’s a beautifully written story, exploring a child’s heart and emotions around kindness and the importance of friendship.
Amber is a fully Qualified Teacher within the Early Childhood Sector and passionate Writer.
She’s put so much love and attention into this stunning tale. With not a leaf unturned. With her most creative hours between 11pm and 3am at night nothing could stop her creative flow. Although with a young baby that sleeps through the night we can’t say this was helpful..
Insta: @woodlandbooks

Bec is our dream Designer and Illustrator here at Woodland Books and has her own Design Business Clouds of Colour. Bec fufills everything we need and as our Key Illustrator is the only one we are taking on at the moment.
Free free to contact her at:
Insta: @cloudsofcolour

For purchases – or visit my Etsy Shop

Oscar & Ray 3 Oscar & Ray 5 Oscar & Ray 1

Pregnancy Milestone Cards

IMG_8572 IMG_8574 IMG_8575 IMG_8577

I have waaaaited for the day to come where I felt like creating beautiful milestone cards for pregnancy! So a few months ago, when I found out I was pregnant (yipppeeee!), the inspiration for these was easy.
These beautiful double-sided cards are printed on high quality 300 GSM card by professionals and are packaged in a cotton drawstring bag.
They can be kept as a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Card Size: 140 x 180mm

Milestones included:
Today I am 12 weeks
Today I am 14 weeks
Today I am 16 weeks
Today I am 18 weeks
Today I am 20 weeks
Today I am 22 weeks
Today I am 24 weeks
Today I am 26 weeks
Today I am 28 weeks
Today I am 30 weeks
Today I am 32 weeks
Today I am 34 weeks
Today I am 36 weeks
Today I am 38 weeks
Today I am 40 weeks
We’re having a baby!
It’s a Boy
It’s a Girl
Today we heard your heartbeat
Today I felt you kick

Available to purchase online, at Little Beehive Coop or at Baby On The Move Nelson!


Colour each day!

Clouds of Colour - Headscarf-2-Diamonds Clouds of Colour - Headscarf-3-Diamonds Clouds of Colour - Headscarf-10-Moth

Colour each day! With a headscarf, sunnies and your faaaavourite jewls!
So SO excited to finally share the release of my beautiful headscarf range.
Months and months of hard work has paid off!
I illustrated these designs using my signature watercolour and inkpen combo, had them printed overseas and lovingly sewn in little Nelson, NZ.
The best part about the fabric I have used – a linen / cotton mix – is that they don’t slip off your head during the day. So many silk scarves do! And although I love the feel of a silk scarf, these really do sit perfectly.

Clouds of Colour - Headscarf-33 Sunnies + Headscarf - olives

Juuust incase you’re on the lookout for new sunnies – I found these beauties here. They have been the perfect addition to my ever growing collection & the best accessory for Summer – & the start of Autumn!

Headscarves are available at Little Beehive Co-Op, Nelson OR online here.
I can’t wait to see all your headscarf snaps!
xo Bec

Own Your Success

‘What do you do for a living?’
‘I’m an ummm urrr yeah… I AM AN ARTIST.’
FINALLY, after years of creating art, I feel like I am at the point where I actually feel brave enough to make the statement of being a full time artist.
The more I sell, the more I feel success, the more I hear amazing kind words from customers – the more I can finally own those words.

Art Prints 2017 1 So much about ‘success’ is drummed in to us by teachers, family members & media. What it takes to be successful and what you have to do to get there. What I’m finally realising as I delve deeper in to my purpose, is that I own my success. I drive it, control it and determine what is really is.
In my current lifestyle, my success is measured in producing beautiful artworks and how much I love them, hearing amazing feedback from buyers, reading books, getting the kids to bed before 8pm, eating well, being aware of my mind & listening to my intuition.

If you were to write a list of what it take for YOU to be successful, what would your list say?
By owning your success list, you can instantly feel a sense of achievement. You can do it! And since you’re not waiting for someone else’s approval, the journey to success will be enjoyable, fulfilling and fun!

Now is the time to write your success list. Make notes of everything you feel a sense of achievement in when you complete them. As you’re writing, be aware of how your higher self feels. If you feel light, it is right. If you feel darkness, its not (wishing there was a good word to rhyme with darkness, let me know if you think of one!).

If you do end up writing a success list, I’d love to hear some of them. Leave a message in the comments below!
xo Bec