Blogcademy Auckland – the recap!

The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 5 The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 6 The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 8 The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 1The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 9The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 3

Oh boy oh boy. Where to even begin.
This past weekend I attended The Blogcademy in Auckland and was not only exhausted with awesomeness but – more than ever – I am so overwhelmed with inspiration, passion and love for the blogging world.
Gala Darling, Kat & Shauna filled my brain with so much useful information, beautiful stories and glittery glam – that I am now ready to take hold of Clouds of Colour with both hands and work 10 million times harder than I have before.
Sitting in a room of sparkly bunny earred, creative woman was one of the best experiences of my life. I especially loved the fact that it was ok to Instagram and hashtag every moment from the weekend. I guess that what happens when you’re surrounded by bloggers!

If The Blogcademy happens to come to a city near you, I have two simple words … DO IT!
You’ll be mesmerised by their down to earth amazingness and come out with a notebook crammed full of ideas!xobec


11 thoughts on “Blogcademy Auckland – the recap!

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for checking out my blog. Yessss Blogcademy was amazing – those girls are so inspiring! :)

  2. So cool! I was browsing Bloglovin and your blog seemed interesting. And then I find out you’re another Blogcadette! I went to the one in Austin and had a blast! Gala is my hero :-) I love your space and I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Heeey Amie. Oh it would have been so cool if you could have come!! So many ideas zooming around my head now! Hope you’re well down in chch :)

  4. So exciting! I’ve been looking forward to hearing about your Blogcademy experience!-I think it would have been extra special in New Zealand as it would have been more intimate than the ones in large cities over the world! So looking forward to what you do with all that inspiration! xox

  5. Hey Nadine – it was sooo nice meeting you too!
    I’m still so overwhelmed at how amazing the course was. Just..WOW!
    Yaaay so happy you loved the artwork!
    Love the idea of a reunion next year :) xx

  6. Awesome recap – what a weekend it was! I want to go back . . . You should post some pics of your lovely prints that were in the goodie bags. My flamingo print is hanging on my bedroom wall. :) It was lovely to meet you, and your blog is BEAUTIFUL.

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