What’s in my bag?

Yes… im still super excited about my new vintage bag so heres another post relating to it! I find it interesting to see what is in someones bag, its so personal…some people carry the world in there, some only the necessities. How can males go without one? Ive tried only carrying a wallet and I feel…well…naked!


3 favourites things that I always carry in my bag are

A fresh spray of Daisy!
My wee notebook full of blog and business ideas.
A wee wooden elephant that i’ve had for years, I like to think of him as my good luck charm :)

What is in your bag today?

X Bec

5 things to inspire.

Inspiration is the key to anything arty for me. Something that gets you excited and motivated. Today I wanted to share with you 5 of the things that inspire me!

Magazines. Frankie has got to be my fave at the moment!




And… Nature.

Hope you are having a lovely day full of inspired goodness!

X Bec

A morning at the market.

I get so excited searching for new pieces that I can decorate our home with and will inspire me. There’s an amazing second hand market near our home that is held every Sunday, how could I not resist not going for just a little peak?

Check out these little pegs a mother and her daughter had decorated – sooo cute!

And I found the most amazing vintage bag! See below for pics. The interior has a mirror and is lined with old gold embroidered fabric. On both sides of the exterior is an intricate Egyptian etching, oh gosh I just LOVE it!

As you can see I am pretty much in LOVE with my new bag!
Hope you enjoyed my adventure as much I did :)
X Bec

DIY: Labels for your storage

In mum’s kitchen every jar used to be labelled with a sticky note and her lovely handwriting explaining what was inside. I thought it would be cool to experiment a little with this memory and re-create the labels in a modern way while still keeping it vintage. And what better way to do that than with a freshly brewed jug of coffee!
Here’s how:

Items needed for your DIY are old jars (use any you can find, the more random the better!), a jug of freshly brewed coffee, glue and labels. For the labels I scanned in a drawing I had done of roses, in Photoshop I played around with fonts and borders then printed them out on A4 paper and cut around them all. Remember to soak your jars in hot water so the existing labels come off easily.
I made labels for all our spices and baking items but you could also make them for your office storage space- so cute!

Freshly brew a jug of coffee, you can add as much coffee as you wish depending on how dark you want the labels to be. I did a heaped tablespoon to one cup of warm water.
I then dunked the labels one by one into the coffee and left them to dry overnight on a large plate.

 They go all wrinkly and vintage which I just loved!
Next I used a normal paper glue to stick them onto the old jars and storage containers.
Fill with your spices and baking supplies. Voila! Your cute little labels await their new home :) xo Bec