FEATURING POLLOCK. One of my favourite artists.

For any of you that haven’t watched the documentory of Jackson Pollock, I found it on YouTube. So amazing! He was such a good artist, one that has influenced the art world in a huge way. I LOVE his paintings and attempted his techniques at home once or twice, it is alot of fun but I definitely suggest doing it outside and with old clothes on! Here is one of the paintings I did. Its worth doing this on a huge canvas and letting each layer dry before doing the next otherwise your colours start to merge.

Let me know what you think the movie :)

X Bec

DIY. Elephant pillow case

Every time I use felt for a creation, I end up with random offcuts that I cant find a use for. Today it finally came to me what I would do with them! I got so excited making this and want to re-do all the pillows on our couch and maybe bed… :)

Supplies needed are felt off cuts, a stencil of your design, needle and thread, scissors and a plain pillow case.

I decided to do an elephant because im totally in love with them! But you could try anything…what is your favourite animal? What would go well in your home? Even squares of your favourite fabric would look sweet.
I cut out a paper stencil to work with. Then using my offcuts of felt I started working them together like a puzzle so that it would cover the whole stencil.

I sewed them all together using embroidery thread and cut out the shape of the elephant once finished. Remember to make your layered felt piece bigger than the stencil so that you dont miss any of it.

Using the same coloured thread I stitched my design onto the pillow.

Yay! All done. These would also be really cute in a children’s room with a row of their favourite animals.

Hope you have fun making your own pillow design!
X Bec

What’s in my bag?

Yes… im still super excited about my new vintage bag so heres another post relating to it! I find it interesting to see what is in someones bag, its so personal…some people carry the world in there, some only the necessities. How can males go without one? Ive tried only carrying a wallet and I feel…well…naked!


3 favourites things that I always carry in my bag are

A fresh spray of Daisy!
My wee notebook full of blog and business ideas.
A wee wooden elephant that i’ve had for years, I like to think of him as my good luck charm :)

What is in your bag today?

X Bec