Ok so I’m doing a bit of a sneaky putting these on here… My mum has been into photography for awhile now and is always hiding her photos away, so when she came to visit me in Sydney I was lucky enough to score (or maybe steal) a few of her photos. I have been wanting to show her just how amazing she is at photography and what better way than to do a blog entry on it! So LIKE away people! Let me know what you think :) These images are from her garden at home and also from her travels around England.

Love you mum! X Bec

THE ARTISTS WAY…an inspiring read!

For any of you that are in need of some artistic inspiration, I totally recommend a book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. It’s written as a 12 week course so you have tasks and homework to do. It shows you how to get rid of any self doubts or worries that stop you living your creative dream. I’d love to know what you think of it! Or if you’ve read any other good books let me know as I’m always in need of some more inspiration. Hope you all have a sunny weekend! X Bec


Hello! I had to show you these drawings I got sent from a little girl in New Zealand that I used to babysit. They are the cutest! I look forward to my birthday every year as she makes me a special card, usually with a mountain of glitter that comes flying out when I open up the envelope. And then it got me thinking… Isn’t it funny that when we are young we want to grow up and when we are old we long to be young again? I’ve decided these pics will be my reminder for me to embrace my inner child- I have plenty of time to be an adult! Hope you did something child-like today! :) X Bec

Here we go around the merry-go-round

My very gorgeous friend Vanny arrived from the UK yesterday so I’ve been showing her around the city! We decided to join the little kids today and had a ride on the carousel which a dear little granny let us go on. Yes we were the biggest kids on there but it was fun! Check out the new headband and fabric of a dress I bought…LOVE it!

And for all of you that are waiting for my 10 hour mission photos, they are coming! I’d forgotten what a process it was to get photos developed!
Hope you’re having a lovely sunny day, X Bec (& Vanny)