Black & White New Zealand zentangles on Clouds of Colour Shop!

After going on all these New Zealand Photography missions, I got inspired to do some Kiwi zentangle prints for the Clouds of Colour Shop. Check them out and let me know what you think. Im also working on some more but with colour… What else reminds you of NZ? And that you would like to see drawn? Thaaaanks :D Your feedback is awesome!  xo Bec

18 thoughts on “Black & White New Zealand zentangles on Clouds of Colour Shop!

  1. Damn, that should have read Piwakawaka not Piwakaka and I forgot to mention Weta’s and the members of the Parrot and snail families, sooo many things to choose from. Did i mention Tuatara ???? !!!

  2. Yep! I too like those Zentangles. How about Paua, Pipi and Cockle or Toeroa (sp) wind blown Manuka or Kanuka, Pohutakawa or Rata, Kiwi vines or Tree tomato tree, Piwakaka, Pukeku, Kereru or Weka so many things seem iconic to me.

  3. i like them all! they look amazing in the frame! i LOVE the bottom one! you are amazingly talented my dear! awesome stuff!

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