Big fat caterpillar print is up on the shop!

I am sooo incredibly pleased with this big fat caterpillar zentangle! I think he would be very cute in a children’s book :D You can check him out on the Clouds of Colour Shop. Hows everyones week going? Tomorrow I am off on a biiig photo mission, hopefully the weather is perfect! xo Bec

8 thoughts on “Big fat caterpillar print is up on the shop!

  1. I sent you an email. In retrospect, your picture is probably closer to the Monarch Caterpillar from South America. It turns into a much prettier butterfly :)

  2. Reminds me of the caterpillars we have in our fig trees. They are large, orange/yellow with black and white stripes … they make beautiful silvery golden cocoons that convince my daughter there must be fairies in the garden … and then by some ironic twist of nature they wake as plain black and white “common crow” butterflies. Nice print!

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