Baby hedgehog

Hedgehog 1

Hey guys I’m still working on a lot of new things on the blog but thought I’d share a post just so you all know I’m still here! So are you ready for a cute overload? Arlo and I went for a walk just on sunset and found this little hedgehog chilling out. Seriously. Is he not the cutest?! I love his little face. I quietly snuck up and took these pics of him.
I’ll share with you soon what I’ve been upto! xo Bec

Hedgehog 2 Hedgehog 3

14 thoughts on “Baby hedgehog

  1. He was alive right? Did you check to see if he was ok? Very cute but strange to see him out like that.

  2. He’s (or she) is really sweet! I used to love seeing hedgehogs in our garden in England when I was little, we fed them a saucer of milk with broken bread in it, until we found out this wasn’t healthy for them! We were advised to give them cat food instead. Cath

  3. I don’t know about that, but they can be bought at pet stores here, similar price to a guinea pig. You do have to spend time holding them “hand training” and can’t stop handling them or they can get aggressive when you try again.

  4. Hedgehog are the most lovable animals in the world .. not one evil streak in them.
    My grandparents had a hedgehog family for years living under their patio … they where there so long as can remember.
    Grandma always put out water with a little bit of milk to them every day … my grandpa was a game keeper – and he had told her that pure milk will kill them. Their digestion can handle cow milk.
    This so wonderful – thanks for bringing all those nice memories back.

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