14 thoughts on “Autumn is here!

  1. Your last photo is awesome!
    That is what autumn means to me – not the same vibrant colours as spring – more of an earthy time for colours. And as your photo shows, they can display the same amount of beauty as spring.

  2. Thank you so much! Yeah the world is funny isnt it. Id love for it to be Spring soon!

  3. The UK is so grey in winter isn’t it? I love the bright crisp colours NZ has :) thanks poppytump! Xx

  4. Super shots !
    You make the colder time ahead sound actually rather inviting Bec …perhaps I should have spent more rainy days in bed with that cup of cocoa … might have got way too lazy though with all the rain we have had here in UK ;-)

  5. It means the world is upside down! Happy autumn to you as we head into summer. We’ll think of your cool crisp days when the furnace gets turned on here. :-)

  6. Beautiful gallery … so strange that you take photos of a golden autumn … and I take photos of light green spring. My favorite is the leaf on the grass – stunning …

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