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10 HOUR MISSION…complete!

Yeeehooo! Finally my photos came back from my ‘10 HOUR MISSION‘ post. I can fully appreciate why the world loves digital. My photos took over a week to be developed!
Below is a collage of the final 10 prints as well as a few close ups of my faves. SO many of these photos have come out with no focus or true tone but I love the vintage look they all possess. Overall it was a very fun experience, one which I will be doing again…with a alot of time at hand :)

Happy Australia Day! X Bec


Hey guys! I hope you’re having a fab week!
I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into some artwork I’ve been doing towards my business… I haven’t introduced you to it yet so I’ll be giving bits away until I’m ready to show the world! I’m basically using my design and art skills to make prints for stationery and t-shirts. At the moment I’m in the process of sourcing tee’s, getting plenty of prints behind me and sussing out my website etc. As my business unfolds, I’ll be sharing tips and stories of my experience.
Hope you enjoy these snippets :) X Bec


Since we moved to Australia we have been using a cup as our toothbrush holder. Im not even sure if I can share the image of it as it is rather grotty! The time has come for me to finally make us a nice one… a perfect chance to brainstorm a DIY! Below is the end result. Hope you like it!

First I got a white ceramic holder (mine is from Spotlight for $9.95), masking tape, scissors and Matisse paint which is perfect for wood etc (Depending on what kind of holder you get will depend on the paint you use, just ask at your local art shop what would be best).

I taped stripes onto the holder, making sure the edges are covered and the tape is firmly on the holder so your paint doesnt smudge. I then painted the holder and left it to dry overnight. Instead of masking tape you could ask use sticky dots or stars!

Peel off the tape once it is dry. You may want to spray it with a vanish or sealer so the paint doesnt come off.

You could also do a soap holder, jars for you cotton tips, a vase or for your flower pots.
Hope you have fun creating something amazing! X Bec


Arlo and I are going through a bit of a salmon loving phase at the moment so I wanted to share with you a yummy, quick meal we have been whipping up! Its sooo delish and of course, healthy :)

Place salmon fillets in tinfoil and cover with sliced zucchini pieces and cherry tomatoes, seasoning with squeezed lemon wedges and S&P.

In another baking dish we thinly slice kumara (sweet potato) and aubergine (you could also use potato, onion, capsicum) and bake in a dish until golden brown.

Wilt some spinach, garnish with spring onion, place on ze plate as desired and….
X Bec


Hello fellow bloggers! How has your weekend been? Arlo and I had a day at the beach today. Going to the beach in Australia is so different to New Zealand, there is a certain culture and confidence as soon as you hit the beach here and we love it…So off to Bondi we went! They were in the process of re-doing all the graffiti so I took a few snaps before it disappeared forever.
I’m sure as the days get colder I’ll be blogging all the time but for now I’m enjoying the yummy weather in this awesome country ;)
PS: Thank you so much for all the ‘LIKES’ on my mums photography! I know she will be very pleased.
X Bec