Art product: Bockingford Paper

Art supplies - Bockingford watercolour paperArt supplies - Bockingford watercolour paper 2

First I shared the Artline Ink pens I use and this is of course another important art product in my work – paper! I love the texture and affordability of Bockingford watercolour paper. I use 300GSM, acid & lignen free – in a mix of A4, A3 & A2 (A2 is mostly for commissioned pieces. The nicest thing about this paper is that it can take a lot of water and paint before it warps or gets mucky.
There is also a really great range they have for sketching – it is finer and less textured.
Have you got a favourite art paper? I am always on the lookout for variations! xobec

8 thoughts on “Art product: Bockingford Paper

  1. Nice to see … what you use for your art … pens and papers must be the important items, very interesting. 300gr is really thick paper.I wish you a great weekend.

  2. It feels wonderful. My sister brought some back from Egypt a few years ago with my kids names on it, so I got a couple of sheets, but never used it. Never wanted to deface it

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