Art product: Artline Ink Pens

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Since I started sharing my art on this blog, I have been wanting to show you the products I use every day. Before starting my Etsy shop, I researched art products to find ones I really loved using – here is the first and one of the most important ones – ink pens.

Art supplies - Artline Pens 3

For all my artwork, I use Artline pens which you can purchase in different sizes, colours and also with different heads such a calligraphy (which I’m yet to try). The ones I use are listed here. If you want to check out their website here to see more of their amazing products!xobec

12 thoughts on “Art product: Artline Ink Pens

  1. If I would go to Japan today … I would have SD cards after SD cards full of photos. Looking forward to your home coming. Enjoy yourself.

  2. I am getting soooo many photos while I’m here – too many to share! Will share them when I get back to New Zealand :)
    Wow so cool you’ve been to Japan too viveka!

  3. Japan, WOW … how exciting. Was there in the late 70’s and I would love to go back. Very envy now. Hope that you will bring photos and stories to share with us.
    Mine was a sore … *smile
    Delight yourself over there.

  4. Thanks viveka! They are really nice to work with aye? I’m in Japan at the moment so had an amazing weekend! How was yours?

  5. Thanks for sharing what is behind your work .. and art – I used Airline 200 for my office – love to write with them – and they are so fine … lie good in the hand too.
    I hope your weekend has been pleasant.

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