Art: Pink poppy

Pink Poppy art inspirationPink Poppies by Bec Brown

This new art print is available on the shop this morning.
Inspired by this photo I snapped last Spring – poppiesssss!
This weekend is all about unpacking boxes, finding places for all our stuff and trying to get some sort of routine into our new home. I already have soooo many DIY ideas! I am working on one at the moment which is perfect for a wee Valentines Day gift =) Have a lovely weekend friends!xobec

15 thoughts on “Art: Pink poppy

  1. Beautiful! Do you print your art yourself or get them done at a printers? I would be so interested in a blog post re: making prints to sell on etsy :)

  2. I don’t want summer to end! But I guess we need to give it to your side of the world at some stage :) Thank you Kathy x

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