Art: Peacock

Peacock drawing Bec Brown 1 Peacock drawing Bec Brown 2 Peacock drawing Bec Brown 3

The final piece of art for my collection going to Art Expo Nelson! This beautiful peacock.
This week is going to be sooo busy setting up for the Expo, working full time and keeping up with orders on my Etsy shop– remember there is FREE SHIPPING available until the end of July! Just use the code FIRSTBIRTHDAY at the checkout.
Have a lovely week friends…xobec

18 thoughts on “Art: Peacock

  1. One super dooper Peacock there Bec lovely with his orange feather ‘eyes’
    Wishing you lots of good luck for the expo ! Look forward to a show and tell post afterwards ;-)

  2. Hey jagged man- no i didnt know they could fly. How cool would that be to see!

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