Art Journal: Monarch butterfly

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I have had this little monarch butterfly wing sitting on my desk since I found it a few months ago. I couldn’t bare throwing it out so it has been sitting here waiting to be used on something creative. Art journal- you are the perfect way for me to showcase this precious little wing. What do you think?xobec

12 thoughts on “Art Journal: Monarch butterfly

  1. Heeey Amie! You should give it a go :) I would love to see what you create! Hope youre keeping warm down in Chch! x

  2. That is so beautiful, It reminds me of a butterfly collector…but in a more ecological way (i.e you didn’t kill it lol) I love the idea of taking things from nature and making them into a journal!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  3. Oh it won’t let me put in my name and blog address. It comes up with an error. So I have to do it through my gmail account which I’ve never had to do before…? Yay I hope I win!!

  4. Hey Bec, good luck with the giveaway!
    I’m just wondering whats happening when you try to comment on my blog? Thanks for letting me know I will need to try and fix it..

  5. Wow… this so beautiful .. it is like the wings where real butterfly wings .. and I love the mixture of stretches, text and pattern.

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