Art: Floral Paris

Bec Brown Floral Paris Art 2 Bec Brown Floral Paris Art

Good morning friends. Last week I finished another piece of art for the Art Expo. This ties in with the Floral Elephant & Floral Heart I did earlier this year. Only 2 weeks to go until the Art Expo is on. I have all my pieces at the framers so am almost finished – exciting!!
Would you like to see any other shapes in this floral style?xobec

13 thoughts on “Art: Floral Paris

  1. I’m just getting it ready to be a print! you can check out my etsy shop for more by clicking on the sidebar link :) xx

  2. Awww viveka. Thank you! Such a lovely comment :) I’ve never heard of a cornflower…will google it now!

  3. Wow … this I like very much … and our Swedish midsummer flowers are poppy, cornflowers and daisies. Wonderful work, and I love the way you have brought your art and talent to Paris and their famous tower.

  4. Definitely not too cliche. Thank you so much for the suggestion..I may just have to work on it next weekend ;)

  5. gorgeous! love all your florals :) …too cliche for a floral teapot? perhaps the florals one might put in a teapot?

  6. I really like this drawing! If I was a collector of everything “Paris/Eiffel tower”, this would absolutely be in my collection. I would love to see more shapes in a floral design! Best wishes at the Art expo ( when it does get there) : )

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