Art: Floral bicycle

Watercolour bicycle art by Bec Brown 1 Watercolour bicycle art by Bec Brown 2 Watercolour bicycle art by Bec Brown 3

Good morning! Just a quick note to let you know this floral bicycle artwork is available as an 8×10″ print on my shop. I am so excited about this piece – it came from my walk home one day. I noticed a bike leaning on a white picket fence and thought ‘Gosh that would look perfect if the basket was filled with beautiful spring flowers!’ – so I created it into art. I now wished I had snapped a photo of the bike. There really is inspiration everywhere if you are open to it.
Have a wonderful day!xobec

12 thoughts on “Art: Floral bicycle

  1. Ohhhh hi poppytump! So nice to hear from you :) how are you??
    Thanks for the lovely comment. I’m in LOVE with Japan!!

  2. What a lovely fresh picture Bec ! Kind of reminds me of Holland where they are mad on cycling Lol and love their fresh flowers :-)
    Glad to hear and see how you’ve so been enjoying Japan !

  3. Hey Iris, what an absolutely amazing comment to wake up to – thank you :)
    Funny you say wall murals – for some reason over the last few months, I’ve been itching to do a mural but just dont have a wall to do it on! Do you think I should try something larger??
    Again, thank you soooo much xx

  4. This is actually one of my favorites of yours. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. The flowers overflowing form the bicycle basket remind me of flower boxes in Germany. You have so much talent. You probably addressed this in your blog, but I may have missed it, but you should do wall murals in people’s homes. I was researching interior design for nurseries and I saw all of these walls with hand-painted, whimsical murals. A piece like this would be perfect!

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