…Annnd I’m back!

Bec Brown + summer daisies

Well guys. Its been 2 months since I last posted on my beautiful little corner of the internet. Ive had mixed emotions about this blog and what to do next with it. By not focusing on my blog, I have created a huge amount of artwork and also had an adventure to America!
I have decided to use it more like a portfolio of my art, design & photography – instead of a blog that I update 3-4 times a week. This way I can focus hugely on my art.
I dont want to ‘get over’ posting on here and desert this fun world of blogging!
So here is a wee update of what I’ve been upto – snapshots from my iPhone…

Winter Beach NZ + Book USA Summer Fruit Clothing Tulips + Mustard candles Flower Shop + Home Decor Nelson Buildings + Blue sky Bec Brown - selfie

I’ll be sharing a few iPhone snapshots of my holiday to America soon, and also all the art Ive been creating.
If you’d like to keep up to date on a regular bases with my art, I am always adding new images to Instagram & Facebook.


9 thoughts on “…Annnd I’m back!

  1. I must be going brain dead. I had forgotten I had posted a comment on here, so when I saw your latest post I thought “yay, Bec’s back” lol

  2. Always nice to hear from you poppytump. I hope everything in your world is amazing! X

  3. Hey Anna.
    It’s so nice to hear from you and also hear your thoughts on blogging. Taking a break is something id definitely recommend. It felt good. And I got soooo much done!
    I’m totally with you – making the blog work for you is most important.
    Can’t wait to check out what you’ve been up to xx

  4. Welcome back : ) That’s a lovely florally portrait of you at the top of the page!

    It’s funny you should talk about a change of focus/making changes to your blog. Like you, I don’t like the idea of not posting, but it’s a matter of making the whole thing work FOR you. And less time in front of a computer screen will surely mean more time for art. I haven’t made any decisions about my own blog yet… except that I’m going to have a break from blogging (maybe next month?) and take it from there.

    Happy arting, xxx

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