Alternative Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - turquoise bird decorationAlternative Christmas Tree - silver decoration 5 Alternative Christmas Tree - spray painted branchAlternative Christmas Tree - silver decoration 4Alternative Christmas Tree - white bird decorationAlternative Christmas Tree - silver decoration 3

This year we decided to try out an alternative Christmas tree – this is a huge branch found at the beach which I spray painted lightly with white to look like snow! And decorated sparsely with silver, turquoise and a few handmade decorations.
I loooove this years tree!
Have you got your tree up yet? What colour combo have you chosen?xobec

19 thoughts on “Alternative Christmas Tree

  1. Our Christmas tree is always completely random and so covered in decorations that there isn’t a spare branch! So your simple tree seems so lovely and without fuss to me. :)

  2. Heeeey Amie how are you? Yay so glad you like it. Are you saying in Chch for Christmas and New Years this year?

  3. I absolutely love this idea! You are so creative :). We haven’t gotten around to Christmas decorations yet this year- I will have to go hunting for a big beautiful branch to use like you have! xox

  4. That’s lovely Bec ! I was just thinking about taking some close up bauble shots this week too ;-)
    And you won’t get pine needle drop either !

  5. No unfortunately because our front room is 20′ across by 18′ wide and 17′ up, we can’t put them everywhere. It’s one of the problems for this place.

  6. They are finally up now. My daughter said that Santa had vomited decorations into the living room :-D

    There is nothing on the ceiling as it is too high and I can’t reach it

  7. Same with oranges and lemons .. if you have them together with other fruits they goes bad very quickly. We learn something new every day.
    Glad I could give something back to you. *smile

  8. Wowwww I cannot believe I didn’t know this. So interesting! Thanks for your information viveka :)

  9. Yes, fresh Christmas trees kills all indoor plants that is nearby. But the tree secretes the same gas as fresh fruit. you’ll never make as eg the flowers next to fruit bowl.
    Believe that it is ethylene gas .. Since it is a fact that different plants have different sensitivity. Some can not stand it at all. Other little better.

  10. I love your Christmas tree … because the real ones kills indoor plants, that’s why I never had a Christmas tree. And cant’ stand plastic trees. Sorry!

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