A creative collaboration

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Ohhhh man I.AM.SO.EXCITED. Look at my new hoodie!
A few months ago, Paula from The Seamstress NZ approached me asking if I would like to do a design for one of the stunning hoodies she makes. I was way too over excited then, and now after seeing the end result (and wearing it!!) I can hardly contain myself. I’m in awe of how ultra amazing and talented she is. She uses old vintage fabrics to line the hoodies and during these cool winter days, its the perfect snuggly accessory.
Make sure you check out her online shop here and like her Facebook page so that you can keep up to date with her beautiful designs.
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19 thoughts on “A creative collaboration

  1. Ohhhh you’re amazing Dave! Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Let me know if you decide to get one for her :)

  2. It’s wonderful, of course! And I am giving you the credit because you designed that awesome bird. I’m going to Paula’s site to see what they cost. I think it would look great on my wife up here come fall on the Circle.

  3. What a great match up of talents Bec ! So different from the usual .
    Your design works so well on the front there … and of course the model sets it off just perfectly ;-)

  4. You can purchase one from the Seamstress shop link above! So happy you love it!

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