30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge

30-day self portrait challenge

Yay my 30-Day Self-Portrait challenge is complete!
For the past 30 days I have taken a photo a day of myself as challenged by the girls over at A Beautiful Mess blog and shared a few of these images on my Instagram feed. A very scary challenge indeed!
Here is a little collage of my pics.
Did you take part? Leave a link so I can check out your images too!

16 thoughts on “30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge

  1. Thanks for the lovely comment Viveka! Yeah it was a hard challenge but I ended up really enjoying it :)

  2. Great, beautiful … happy and funny … and serious – even mix of everything = you!
    Excellent entry – to take photos of yourself .. personal I hate it or even if someone else does, understand it was a hard challenge, but you fixed it.

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