10 ideas to keep creatively inspired

10 ideas to keep creatively inspired 1

Something I get asked a lot is how I stay creatively inspired. Well, I have a mixture of techniques that I’ve learnt over the years and today I’m sharing a few of these…they may not work for everyone but its cool having some ideas up your sleeve just in case! Here goes…

❤ Grab yourself a takeaway coffee and head to the beach for a long walk – enjoy & take in your surroundings! Chances are you’ll come back full of fresh & exciting ideas.

❤ Pinterest! It’s one of my most favourite ways to stay inspired. Create a new board that involves something from your bucket list. My favourite one is ‘dream home’ – I can drift away for an hour pinning like crazy!

10 ideas to keep creatively inspired 5

❤ Go out with your camera for the afternoon and capture things you wouldn’t normally notice. The wobbly crack in the path, that ladybird on a leaf, the textured clouds at sunset. Anything that is different and beautiful in its own way.

❤ Go to your local bookstore and immerse yourself in the sweet smell of new books & magazines. Pick up ones that interest you and just browse.

❤ Read through your favourite blogs. I have a routine now where I save my faves to my desktop and every morning I read them. There are so many amazing people in the world and filling your own life with the best is important.

10 ideas to keep creatively inspired 4

❤ I love going to craft stores when I’m stuck on a creative project. Walking up and down the isles – looking at everything sparkly, crafty, patterned and pretty.

❤ Recycle centres & thrift shops! What I love most is that you never ever know what you’re going to find. It’s like diving into a treasure chest of glistening goodies. I’ve had days when I desperately need a new idea for a painting (and nothing is inspiring me) and then there sitting right at the back of an antique store shelf is a beautiful china teacup decorated with floral goodness – the perfect object to sketch ideas from.

10 ideas to keep creatively inspired 3

❤ Positivity! This one is massive. If you’re being negative about a creative project, it’s never going to flow or be what you imagine. Be positive. Love yourself and the creative process.

❤ Try a new healthy recipe from a different culture! I like to imagine everything I’m doing when I cook, is being photographed. That way, I take pride in what ingredients I’m adding, I appreciate the combinations & colours and I take time with the final presentation of the dish!

❤ Music!! The whole time I paint – or actually as soon as I get up, I switch on music. Music is amazing for the soul and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. Have a good old dance and sing if you wish!

10 ideas to keep creatively inspired 2

If all of these fail, I’ve found is that taking an hour or two to just not think does a huge amount of revitalising. It stops you putting stress on yourself to complete something like a painting or homework or blog posts. Go for lunch, have a bath, go to a movie, hang out with friends or just chill on the sofa. Everyone needs a break!
Do you have any other ways of keeping your creativity inspired? I’d love to hear them…

17 thoughts on “10 ideas to keep creatively inspired

  1. Hey Vivika – thank you! A playlist is such a good idea! I actually did one last summer that had some of my favourite New Zealand songs :)

  2. This is a lovely post :) i especially like 3 and 4!
    I am the same when it comes to pinterest, its like a whole other world once I zone in on it haha
    saida xx

  3. “Go out with your camera and capture something you wouldn’t normally” but I photograph anything and everything :-D

    I do most of them :-) They are fantastic pieces of advice

  4. Lovely post Bec :-) Agree with everything you have mentioned, along with these I have also seen that a chat with my parents/parter/friends/sometimes strangers on the road/shop/bus help revive me. Someone would say something totally unrelated and suddenly I would be filled with inspirations to write :-)

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